Firefox 1.5 in Asien mit Yahoo als Standard-Suche

by Jojo on 01.12.05 · 1 comment

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Die Firefox-Version für folgende Märkte wird Yahoo als Standard-Suche verwenden: China, Japan, Korea und Taiwan. In Europa und Amerika wird weiterhin Google die Standard-Suche sein. Mitchel, CEO von Mozilla schreibt zu den in Mozilla 1.5 enthaltenen Suchfunktionlitäten :

Firefox is exciting because the Web is exciting, and Firefox 1.5 shows the Web at its best. With Firefox 1.0 we inaugurated a set of search plugins to make search functionality even easier for people to use. We’ve heard over and over that people love this feature. With Firefox 1.5 we’re beginning a new search relationship with Yahoo in Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea as part of our strategic goal of helping people access a range of quality services through Firefox. Versions in these languages will have a Firefox start page powered by Yahoo and Yahoo as the first search option. Our search partnership with Google continues in the Americans and Europe. We’ve also added as a search option in the English language, U.S. version. We’ll continue to focus on making critical activities such as search easier for users in the future.

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